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Farming? Then if you want results-driven help that is always efficient, effective and easy, have a look at Farmhelp and Farmboss.

Whether you're a sheep farmer, your cows have mastitis, or you want to measure your key performing areas, you'll love what Baletwine has to offer. Everyone knows there's a lot more to farming than making your sheep woollier and your cows milkier (Farmhelp has got this covered). Have a look at how Farmboss will boost your efforts even further. It really is proven, calculated decision making that will save you time and money while increasing profitability. Farmboss includes 22 extremely useful and user-friendly calculators. Whether you prefer working in US or metric measurements, Farmboss offers both so you can choose.

Agri support or retail Business? In fact even if you're just in business, any kind of business. Then Chart it is a useful tool for your team to measure and report on any aspect of your business.

Are you and your customers in an ‘appy place? Would you like to keep your profile in front of your customers while making it a seamless process for them to deal with you? Offering your customers your own app is now an affordable and practical option with our Appesi template for Android or iOS.


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Farmboss is your pocket employee that gives you calculated decision making. It will save you time, money and bring you superior farming results.

Almost half of these packs can be emailed as csv files. This means that they’re ideal for communicating with staff, consultants, absent shareholders or with your own PC for further evaluation when it suits.


If you decide to try Farmboss, you can be sure that it is risk free. Payment is made on the secure App store which is used by millions of people each day. And there is a limited time to get a full refund if you uninstall (see the store terms and conditions). Farmboss offers excellent value..


You’ll get an easy-to-use, immediately effective product that offers endless possibilities for improving your farming outcomes. With a proven, quality App like Farmboss, you will reduce the cost of mistakes, advance your practices, and improve your profitability.

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Caution: Farmboss App may replace your dog as your best friend!
Why? Click here to see how the Feed, Stock, Chart It or Handy Stuff packs can transform your farming.
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Our Blog

  • How to count grass mini-series (3 of 3)

    How to count grass mini-series (3 of 3)

    Tuesday, 17 December 2013

    The Pasture Meter™ automatically takes 200 readings per second so takes thousands of readings per paddock. At 20kph it is taking a reading every 27mm or 18,500 readings in 500 meters.

  • How to count grass mini-series (2 of 3)

    How to count grass mini-series (2 of 3)

    Tuesday, 01 October 2013

    Technique is very important when using a rising plate meter  as inaccuracy can cause variations up to 600kg DM/ha. If you "rock it" as you would with a walking stick the measurement will be exaggerated compared to the actual cover.

  • How to count grass mini-series (1 of 3)

    How to count grass mini-series (1 of 3)

    Monday, 09 September 2013

    Don’t fool yourself by only sampling the leafiest parts but take readings that reflect the cover in that paddock. The college of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State University USA has determined that the following pattern and frequency will give the most reliable result for both Sward Stick and Rising Plate Meter.


With 83 tasks available in total, Farmhelp has you covered. You probably already take your phone out on the land with you – why not have extra help available?

Farmhelp is a great resource for information on farming and livestock tasks, using methods that have been tried and tested over 40 years – right on your Android mobile phone and at your fingertips.


Whether you're starting your farming career or operate a small holding. Farmhelp can help by saving you time, minimising mistakes and by providing logical steps when you experience a knowledge gap - a what the hell do I do now moment!


Farmhelp does not require a phone signal once downloaded, allowing you to benefit from it no matter where you are. With additional downloadable packs available for another 71 tasks, from animal health to fencing, download Farmhelp now and get 12 tasks free of charge.


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What’s in Farmhelp >
Full list of the packs that you get with Farmhelp.
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Answers to common questions about Farmhelp.
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Farmhelp will help you to solve problems on your farm or smallholding quickly and easily... Read More >

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Agribusiness, or retail or just ‘in business’? Then Chart-it is your practical and proven tool for your team to measure and report on all aspects of the business. You’ll find it invaluable and the results extraordinary.

Whether you want to track sales and expenses, measure differences between
products, or track the productivity of a work team. Then Chart-it will become a valuable
tool in your business management toolbox. How? By giving you these simple yet powerful tools -


Measure-it: Create up to 5 key performance areas for your business then choose two criteria from each area for comparison. Information is displayed as bar graphs for quick graphic comparison. The data can be emailed back to the office for deeper analysis or to service providers for advice..


Report-It: Three bar graphs let you report actual outputs against budgets. Choose your own criteria such as Income, Expenses, Product Sales or create your own. Set goals and targets and enter the actuals as they become available daily, weekly or monthly or annually. You can email data to stakeholders, giving you straightforward, authoritative communication with no reports to write!

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CI 112
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Would you like your own branded app ? We know your customers would! Does your business really need its own app? Yes it does.... and We’ll show you why:

Harvard researchers found that if you’re wanting more customers, you’ll get “better results communicating with consumers in a format that enhances their lives and offers long-term value. Apps are the best way to win hearts and minds of mobile consumers.”


They also found that “ Apps will trump traditional ads in part because consumers don’t perceive them as advertising – they value them for their functionality and thus don’t find them intrusive…Apps are more ..cost-efficient than traditional ads..and sometimes create entirely new revenue streams.”


You’ll be giving your customers more convenience, more choices and continuous access to what you offer. The possibilities are endless…


Just a small upfront fee and a monthly subscription means all the hard work is taken out of creating an app. We can have your own customized app up and running for you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Your clients will love you because of the unique benefits you offer and you’ll be on your way to gaining more business.


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Your new APP ?
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When you use Appesi templates, you’ll be able to...
thumb Appesiicons-07Push NotificationsIncrease your brand exposure. Every time someone uses the app (or even glimpses it on the screen while swiping to find something else), they will see your company name.
thumb Appesiicons-07Push NotificationsGive customers the convenience to use your app whenever they want and wherever they are. They’ll love you for it!
thumb Appesiicons-07Push NotificationsLook at these great features, just use the ones you want.
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Read more about Appesi and all of its features at



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Privacy Policy


The information this application is intended to provide is general information and is not intended to substitute advice from your Manager or Farm Advisor.  If in doubt seek their advice first. Using this information is done solely and exclusively at the user’s discretion and is under taken at his/her own risk.